Basic Grocery Delivery

Avoid the lines and dashing down the many grocery aisles with My Grocery Getters of Gastonia BASIC GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICES.  We will do the shopping for you, selecting the best produce and sticking to the brands that you prefer.  Just complete and email your shopping list form and we will deliver to your home based on your requested timing with 24 hour notice.  Or if you require a little more assistance, an associate will help you create your grocery list.


$15 delivery fee for grocery purchases under $50

$20 delivery fee for grocery purchases $50 - $100

$25 delivery fee for grocery purchases $100-$200

$7 Stocking fee is optional. RELAX, we will put all items away for you!

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Grocery & Meal Delivery

My Grocery Getters of Gastonia takes feeding your family to the next level by providing prepared meals with each grocery delivery.  When combined with grocery delivery services, the MEAL DELIVERY PROGRAM includes freshly prepared meals are created local licensed kitchens.  Meals can be customized to meet your specific dietary needs.  Freshly prepared meals are safe for consumption within 4 days and frozen meals will last even longer.  Oven or crock-pot directions will be provided to make your family dinners easy, convenient and a health alternative to prepackaged options packed with preservatives.

Just complete and email your shopping list form and your prepared meal form to us.  We will deliver your groceries and prepared meal to your home based on your schedule needs.  Prepared meal menus will be updated weekly.

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Personal Assistant Services

When you combine extra errands with your PERSONAL ASSISTANT SERVICES, My Grocery Getters of Gastonia will also pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, and meals from your favorite restaurant for as little as $5 per stop.  Ask for details!

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Pet Assistant Services

Does Fluffy need a vet visit or a trip to the groomer?  Just give us a call.  PET SERVICES can be added to your My Grocery Getters' services for as little as $10 round-trip.  Ask for details!

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How it Works!

For those tech savvy neighbors, we offer easy ordering services online. Complete the order form on our website and we will pick out items for you based on your request and deliver it within your desired time frame.  If you have other delivery requests, those can be identified on the form as well.

For those who prefer pen and paper, or need a little extra assistance, an associate will spend time helping you create your next grocery list and other delivery needs.  As your current grocery supplies are delivered the associate will help you create the list for your next scheduled delivery and other errands.  It's a true personal assistant shopping experience that can be customized based on your needs.

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