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Inspired by DAD!

I recently learned that my dad was a Grocery Getter in his late teens.  As he tells the story, he was a "whatever you need" errand boy and that included grocery shopping, shoveling snow, and being a familiar face in his elderly community.  It was good for him and great for the neighbors he served.

As my dad continues to age, his ability to do tasks is becoming more and more difficult.  Some days he doesn't feel well and doesn't have the energy to get his essentials.  Some days it's icy outside and some days he chooses to spend his energy with his great grandson.  Dad has earned the right to make that choice.  As a Veteran and life-long General Motors employees, his retired years should be enjoyable and filled with what makes him happy.  I believe that about my neighbors too!

Dad motivated me to make the leap from corporate America to serving my community in an affordable and convenient way and I'm excited to take on that challenge with your help.


Giving Back!

My Grocery Getters of Gastonia will donate BOGO food items to local food banks and pantries.  How does that work?  When we shop for you, if there is a buy one get one free offer or coupon that we've clipped, qualifying freebies will be donated back to the community on your behalf.  It's just one way that we can help feed our neighbors and deliver even more smiles!

Meet the Owners

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The Sipka Family


My Grocery Getters of Gastonia

In 2015, Rod and Andrea Sipka moved to the wonderful town of Gastonia where they live and work today.  Their son Shawn is attending Michigan State University, pursuing a Bachelor's degree.  Upon completion, Shawn plans to join the family in the Carolinas.

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